The Poca Post

The Poca Post is devoted
to the issuance of artist's
stamps commemorating people
and events on the Poca River

Below are thumbnails
of recent issues. Please
click on the image to view
the stamp. Then click on the
stamp to view the entire pane.

(Plates of each issue, along with
a page of text and sample stamp
are available.
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The stamps are created by Ben Mahmoud

The Mad Monk 
and his Gregorian Rants


Clifford "Curly" Cadle


Tommy "Teeter" Totten
Bicycle acrobat


Arlen Humphrey
Author of the
Road Kill Cook Book


Crawdads on the
Poca River


Raymond Raynell


Basil  Bowes
Invertor of the


Dr. Joseph Lister
visits the Poca River


The Three Twins:
Rona, Mona & Jona


Homer Mapes:
Inventor of 
Canned Meat


Roy Estep:
Inventor of the Estep One-Step 3 "P' Diet Plan


Frederick Ferrell Frye:


Mr. Han Silo:
Inventor of the Silo


Col. Thomas McCallous
Civil War Hero


The Tour de Poca:
Bicycle Racing on the
Poca River


The Pumpkin Races
on the Poca River


Effingham Flewellyn Stoppe



Randell Bob Neely


Ewing E. Ewing


Juan Garcia-Ortega
de Villahermoso:
Hispanic Settler and
pepper grower


J. R. Sitwell:
Inventor of the Personal
Outhouse Ventilator


Celebrating the
coming to town


Rev. Randall Casto:
Preacher & 
Snake Handler


Hiram Gallagher:
Ambassador and Practical Joker


Lloyd B. Floyd:


Allium tricoccum
Ramps: A West Virginia Treat


LeRoy "Lefty" Mobley
Hunter, Trader & Trapper


Richard W. Boggs
Landscape Architect


The Pliny Crow


Lin & Lynn Linz:
Siamese Twins


Mr. Machiavelli
McCoy:  Anatomist


The Gad Dam


Ernest Whilst:
Collector of Abandoned


Dental Hygiene on
the Poca River


Dentistry on the
Poca River

Gigi Bierbaum
Postmortem Hairdresser

Stanley Beemer
Inventor of the Beemer Steamer

Abner Singleday:
Inventor of Baseball


Making Moonshine 
on the Poca River

Honoring 150 years of  Poca River Moonshine  

Mr. Roscoe O. Riggle 
Inventor of the 
Portable Potty  

Miss Otillia O'Leery: 

The Hollister Head Holster

 The Rev. Denim Mather


Tinker Tite's Postcard Viewer 


Phallus Fridlii 


Black & Blue 


Owen Plumbly, Inventor 


Thelma Skeeter: Librarian  


The Hinton Bird  


Farlely Foley's Folly 


The Tunnel at Light  


Creecy Greens  


The Poca Polka  


The 1812 Overture 


The Copperhead  


The Poca Polecat  

The Poca Pigeon   
Hatfield-McCoy Feud   
 Yaeger Praetzel  
Flying June Bugs   
D. Darryl Dagget   
R. J. Settle   
 Barbershop Quartet  
Darwin Award/2000   
Arvil Glenwood   
Buddy Petit Jazz Band   
Pony Express   
Pliny Fire   
Maude Barton   
Mayor Tanner    
 Mayor Casto  

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