The Poca River Postal Authority
Commemorative Issue


The Tour de Poca

The Poca Post announces a new issue commemorating bicycle racing on the Poca River.

In 1867 it was decided by the town elders of Grimms Landing to institute an annual bicycle race. The planning resulted in a series of races that lasted into the early 1930s. The race was called the "Tour de Poca."

The first race, and all subsequent races, was started in Grimms Landing, then across the mountain to Boldstown, then north to Ripley, and then back over the mountain to Grimms Landing. It was a rigorous course.

The first race was won by Mr. Meryl Hogg of Kenna. Mr. Hogg developed a bicycle of great height. He reasoned that this would give him an advantage in going over the mountain since he would already be at a greater elevation any other participant. While his reasoning was faulty, his tactic served him well, since during the race there was a cloudburst that flooded some of the low roads. The elevation of his bicycle allowed him to travel through the high water while the floods stopped his opponents.

Averaging 22 miles per hour, Mr. Hogg was the first winner of the Tour de Poca.

This commemorative stamp was issued on 1 August, 2002 in a plate of 16 stamps with a value of 37 poca units.


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