Flying June Bugs

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The Poca Post is pleased to issue a Commemorative Stamp recalling older days when kids found their own amusements.

On hot afternoons in mid-summer, the June Bugs would emerge from their nests in the ground. These green, iridescent beetles would buzz slowly around the foliage. Young people would beg a length of thread from their mothers' sewing baskets, and go out looking for the biggest and liveliest June Bug.

Upon catching such a beetle, they would tie the length of thread to a rear leg of the beetle. In this manner, they were able to allow the insect to fly around at the end of the tether. Sometimes several boys would get together with their June Bugs and have aerial battles.

Soon, the bugs would tire, and new ones had to be found. This could keep a young person actively involved for the better part of a summer's afternoon.

The Poca Post has issued this stamp in the denomination of 5 pu (Poca Units) with 15 stamps to a plate.

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