Curly Cadle: scientist 

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The Poca River Postal Authority is pleased to issue a stamp honoring Dr. Clifford "Curly" Cadle.

Dr. Clifford Cadle was born in Grimms Landing-on-the-Poca in 1882.  By 1903 he had returned to Grimms Landing from his studies of Electricity at the Sorbonne.  Even though he suffered from melancholy, Cadle used a meager inheritance from his grandfather, Moe, to further his work.  He set up a rudimentary laboratory on his family's property, and set out to work on electrical experiments.  In working with electrical fields he came across his most important contribution: an important equation  (E =flqtest) which describes the effects of an electric charge about a point in space.

By 1925 Cadle was impatient for electrification to come to the area.  There were some metropolitan areas that had been electrified, but the construction of an electrical grid seemed impossible on the terrain of the Poca River.  Dr. Cadle became determined to find a way to transmit electrical power without the need for a wire lines.

He constructed a large dynamo at Larry's Mill on the Poca, using hydroelectric power from the mill, and began to conduct experiments.  He worked at this for 12 years, and was successful in some measure.  He was able to transfer electricity from one point to another over the distance of 12 feet.  Unfortunately for Cadle, he was often in the line of fire, so to speak.  The result of these experiments changed Cadle for the rest of his life.  Aside from the permanent changes to his hair (resulting in the new nickname, "Curly") he seemed to have become less melancholy.  He even seemed quite happy and carefree, abandoning his scientific research for wine, women and song.

The stamp was issued in a plate of 20 stamps in the denomination of 33pu. The date of issue was 20 February, 2003.

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