"The Hinton Bird"

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The Poca Post is pleased to announce a new issue commemorating the Hinton Bird Disaster.

In the early 18th century a great deal of interest was generated by lighter than air craft. Word reached the Poca River of such craft, and the news attracted the attention of Mr. Joseph Hinton of Grimms on the Poca. Mr. Hinton made a trip to Paris and worked for a short time with the pioneer balloonist, Jacques Montgolfier. Upon his return to the Poca Valley, Hinton constructed a large, varnished silk bag. He constructed various ropes and contraptions to contain persons, and to control the direction of the craft. In this respect, he was decades ahead of his time. Finally, by passing steam over hot coals, Hinton was able to extract hydrogen, which he used to fill the varnished silk sack, which floated skyward. His work was promptly dubbed "The Hinton Bird" by the local townfolk.

Hinton's plan was to use the craft to ferry persons from Grimms to Ripley. He made several successful flights to demonstrate the safety of the craft. Finally, he made a trip to Ripley with several paying customers. Upon his return, as he was landing at Grimms, a flock of crows descended upon the varnished silk sack and tore numerous holes in it. Mr. Hinton fell to his death in the damaged craft. From that day to this, Grimms has been called Grimms Landing, and the event has been recollected as the "Hinton Bird Disaster."

The issue is a plate of 15 stamps in the denomination of 82 pu. Date of issue: 21 January, 2001

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