Buddy Petit Jazz Band

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A Commemorative Issue by the Poca Post recalling the Poca Fish Days Celebration in 1912. This celebration had its beginning in 1876 under the leadership of Mayor Emil Casto of Bancroft (West Virginia).

The the turn of the century, communities along the Poca River had developed sufficient resources to be able to invite entertainers for the week of the Fish Days Celebration. In 1912 the featured entertainment was the Buddy Petit Jazz Band.

This groups had formed in Memphis, and had become widely known. They had appeared in Charleston earlier in the month. They came by train from the state capital to Ripley. From there they were brought in a large wagon to Bancroft,playing along the way, and attracting a great deal of attention. Buddy Petit, lead guitar, can be seen strumming a fish in honor of the Poca Fish Days Celebration.

This was one of the finest events in the long history of the Poca Fish Days Celebration.

This stamp was issued in the denomination of 66 pu (Poca Units) in a block of 8 stamps.

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