"The Gad Dam"

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The Poca Post announces the issuance of a stamp honoring the Gad Dam on the Poca River.

For many years the West Virginia Department of Locks and Dams would name a dam for any town or village that was inundated by the impounded waters.  In 1935 a dam was constructed on the Poca River about 30 miles northwest of Charleston.  This dam was designed to control flooding along the river, and the optimal sight was just downstream from Gad, West Virginia.  The population of Gad, which consisted of 47 persons, was relocated to Eleanor-on-the-Poca.

When the dam was completed, the impounded waters inundated what was left of Gad, the dam was, according to tradition, named the Gad Dam.  It retained this name until the spring of 1952 when a group of Baptists brought a petition to the state legislature to change the dam's name.  The legislature agreed to this, and in the fall of 1953 the dam was named after the original settler of the territory on which the dam was sited.  Research revealed that the first settler in that area was Mr. Jephison Hott.  Since 1953, the Gad Dam has been known as the Hott Dam.

The stamp was issued on 30 January, 2001 in a sheet of 20 stamps with the denomination of 78 poca units.


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