"Black & Blue"
Famous Poca River Coon Hounds

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The Poca Post is pleased to publish a commemorative stamp honoring the Coon Hound.

The Coon Hound has a long history on the Poca River. Early settlers supplemented their larders with small game. The 'coon dog was an indispensable aid in the hunt. Over the years the need for a hunting partner declined, but the 'coon dog had become part of a way of life.

In more recent times, the 'coon dog has been used for the sport of chasing raccoons up a tree. The dogs are released and the owners simply follow the baying of the hounds until they hear the characteristic baying that means a raccoon has been treed. Then the dogs' owners and friends go look at the raccoon.

The most famous Poca River 'coon dogs were two Blue Tick Hounds named "Black" and "Blue". They were owned by Mr. Vassel Snodgrass of Pliny-on-the-Poca (West Virginia). In the autumn of 1952 "Black" and "Blue" treed a record 47 raccoons in one night. This record has not been topped by even a whole pack of 'coon dogs.

This stamp has been issued in a pane of 9 stamps in the demonination of 9 pu.

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