D. Darryl Dagget


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The Poca Post is pleased to issue a Commemorative Stamp in honor of D. Darryl Dagget.

Mr. Dagget (1803-1869) lived in rural Poca County. He was a trapper by trade. He was also fond of pets, and kept two small cats with him at all times. In the cold winter nights in his line cabins, the cats would curl up about his head and warm his ears. In due time, the cats passed on, and Dagget had a taxidermist stuff them. Eventually, he got the idea of affixing the stuffed cats to wires to hold them to his head, thus keeping his ears warm on cold days.

He was seen on occasion in town with his stuffed cats over his ears, and town folk began to think this a good idea. Soon people were asking the local taxidermists to make them ear covers from animal pelts. Thus emerged the notion of ear muffs.

The invention of ear muffs has been attributed to a Mr. Chester Greenwood of Vermont. He may have invented ear muffs, but Mr. Dagget of Poca County was wearing them 2 decades before Mr. Greenwood's birth.

This stamp was issued by the Poca Post in a block of 9 stamps in the denomination of 92 pu (Poca Units).

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