Mayor Emil Casto

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Emil Casto was Mayor of Bancroft, West Virginia (on the Poca River) from 1876 to 1877. Mr. Casto was very interested in the newly inaugurated Poca River Fish Days Celebration. To add to the event, he fashioned a hat of a fish. Unfortunately, it was a very warm August and the fish oils combined with his perspiration to create a very durable and insoluble glue. As a result, he became very poor company within four days, and this condition persisted throughout the winter.

This was the direct cause of his failure to be re-elected to the office of Mayor. Never-the-less, his contribution to the Poca River history is worthy of note

This stamp was issued by the Poca Post in a block of 16 stamps in the denomination of 24 pu (Poca Units).


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