"Machiavelli McCoy

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The Poca Post announces an issue devoted to Machiavelli "Mack" McCoy: anatomist.

Machiavelli "Mack" McCoy was born in Buffalo-on-the-Poca in 1843. His father was a "mule-skinner," and from his fatherís work, Mack developed an interest in anatomy. Since he was self taught it was impossible for him to make a living in the field. He turned to taxidermy, and from this practice made a good living. His most noted taxidermy project was a five legged goat. However, Mack McCoy realized lasting fame from his interest in anatomy.

From 1878 through 1882 Mack McCoy had been studying the anatomy of the human foot. He realized that the medial tuberosity of the prime phalange had not been described in the literature. He wrote a modest paper on the subject and submitted it to the American Anatomical Association. After the publication of his article in 1884, the anatomical structure he had discovered was named the McCoy Tuberosity.

It is quite difficult to distinguish the lateral tuberosity of the prime phalange from the McCoy Tuberosity. As a result, when medical students and anatomists would make the proper identification, their professors would usually utter the comment: "Thatís the real McCoy."

This, of course, added a well-known phrase to the English language. Few people know that Mr. Machiavelli McCoy of Buffalo-on-the-Poca is responsible for this phrase.

Mack McCoy died in 1898 at the hands of Marlin Hatfield of Tug Fork.

The stamp was issued on 5 January, 2002 in a plate of 25 stamps in the denomination of 74 poca units.



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