Arvil Glenwood
(Darwin Award Runner Up/2000)

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Every year some one person is selected to receive the Darwin Award. This person is deemed to have done the most to protect the gene pool by giving their life.

This is usually done by some act that reveals serious stupidity on the part of the individual. By losing their lives, they can no longer contribute to the gene pool.

There are several runners-up selected. One of the runners-up for the 2000 Darwin Award was Arvil Glenwood. Mr. Glenwood, a 47 year old stockbroker from La Jolla, California, was a serious jogger. ON a vacation in August he was running "in the zone" when he failed to notice that he was approaching the edge of a high cliff. He ran out into empty space, and fell 200 feet to his death.

The Poca Post is pleased to issue this stamp honoring Arvil Glenwood.

This stamp was issued in the denomination of 1.47 pu (Poca Units) in a block of 9 stamps.

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