"Lin & Lynn Linz:
Siamese Twins"

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The Poca Post is pleased to announce a stamp commemorating the famous Siamese Twins, Lin and Lynn Linz.

The Linz twins were born in 1917 in Pliny-on-
the-Poca, West Virginia.  It was obvious at the moment of birth that the twins were "Siamese Twins."  They were joined at the top of the head.  While there childhood was somewhat difficult, they developed strong and lively personalities.  As they grew up, they decided that they would make the most of their condition, and they began to train in tumbling.  In spite of their condition, they developed great agility.

By 1927 the twins has gotten the attention of the Barton and Bialey Circus.  In the summer of 1928 they were signed on as a main-ring act.  The Linz twins catapulted into fame.  Their act quickly became the rage of the circus world.

However, by the end of 1931 the act had to be abandoned because of quarrelling between the twins.  They were never able to see eye to eye on business matters.  Nevertheless, they had made a name for themselves, and are remembered as the famous twins from the Poca River Basin.

The stamp was issued on 17 January, 2002 in a pane of 16 stamps in the domination of 36 poca units.


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