"Making Moonshine on the Poca"

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The Poca Post is pleased to announce a new issue commemorating the production of moonshine on the Poca River.

A previous issue honored Mazie Milam's still, the first on the Poca River.  This issue celebrates the tradition that emerged from Milam's first still.  

Following Mazie Milam's lead, a number of enterprising Pocans put their ingenuity to the purpose of constructing well-hidden stills in the heights and hollers of Poca County.

These stills were usually simple and efficient.  The still-masters soon learned that they could make a superior product by using old baked goods instead of the traditional corn and sugar.  This would eliminate the need for buying large sacks of corn and sugar, which always attracted the attention of the "revenuers."  These inventive people would tell the bakeries that they were buying the old baked goods for their pigs.  In a sense this was correct, since the mash, once cooked and distilled, would be fed to some very fat and happy pigs. 

To this day, one can obtain "mountain dew" from persons along the Poca  River if you know the right people. 

This stamp was issued in a pane of 20 stamps with two designs.   The domination is 19pu. Date of issue: 8 May, 2001

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