R. J. Settle


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Mr. R. J. Settle was an early resident of Poca County, West Virginia. Before Mr. Settle began his life's work there was no way of telling where the county line was. One might be in Putnam, Clay or Poca County without knowing it. While still a boy, Mr. Settle decided that he would devote himself to drawing a line around Poca County.

He began this task by 1817. Using pine tar pitch, Settle went through several thousands of brushes. For the next 30 years Mr. Settle applied himself, and as a result early maps of the area. which showed very few lines, included Mr. Settle's marking of Poca County.

His is well remembered by the folks of Poca County, and the Poca Post is proud to issue this commemorative stamp honoring R. J. Settle.

This stamp was issued by the Poca Post in a block of 9 stamps in the denomination of 74 pu (Poca Units).

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