Pony Express

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This Commemorative Issue form the Poca Post honors the Pony Express.

While the Pony Express is usually associated with the Wild West, it was, in fact, a vital communications link in the Poca Valley in the early 1800s.

Young boys were employed to carry the mail from village to village along the Poca river. They rode small ponies, hence the name, "Pony Express." Some feel that the origin of the term came from the Poca River Basin and spread to the west.

Each rider would be expected to cover 15 miles each day. This included the frequent stops to deliver mail. At the end of the day, the rider would be treated to a meal and a place to sleep by the last mail recipient of the day.

This stamp was issued in the denomination of 5 pu (Poca Units) in block of 12 stamps.

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