"Ewing E. Ewing"

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The Poca Post is pleased to announce a commemorative issue dedicated to Ewing E. Ewing, bootlegger.

Moonshine has ever been an important product of the Poca River Basin. Great pride was taken in its crafting. However legend also grew around its delivery: bootlegging. In the early days, the ‘shine was delivered in old milk cans by horse and wagon. When the federal government began to shut down stills in the area, the bootlegger had to turn to various devices to avoid detection.

Ewing developed many ruses and strategies that would throw off any pursuer, and he became a legend in his ability to outwit, or just simply outrun, any federal agent, sheriff or posse. Always wanting to stay ahead of the authorities, Ewing purchased one of the first automobiles in the area. He bought a steamer from Stanley Beemer of Buffalo-on-the-Poca in 1889. He felt that the speed of the steam driven auto would outrun any official on horseback, and he was right.

However, as history and automobile buffs will recall, the Stanley Beemer Steamer, was powered by methane from manure. Even though Ewing could outwit and outrun any posse, the Beemer Steamer left an unmistakable aromatic trail that could be followed by a man with a bad cold. As a result, Ewing was captured by a sheriff’s posse on the night of September 23, 1989. This ended the legendary career of Ewing Edward Ewing, bootlegger.

The stamp was issued on 11 June, 2002 in a plate of 16 stamps in the denomination of 37 Poca Units.


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