Pliny Fire

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This stamp was issued by the Poca Post to commemorate the great tragedy of the fire in Pliny-on-the-Poca (West Virginia) in 1874.

The fire was started by Cephis Burford of Pliny. Mr. Buford was a volunteer fire fighter for the Pliny Brigade. He was staying at the firehouse for a few days because of a falling out with his wife. Mr. Buford was attempting to warm a bowl of beans by burning wood chips in a small pail. The fire quickly got out of hand and spread to the surrounding material in the firehouse. By the time the other members of the Brigade arrived, the fire was well underway. Mr. Buford had managed to remove the pumper from the firehouse, and the Brigade began to pump water into the fire to no avail.

The Pliny firehouse burnt to the ground by 11 P.M.. Mr. Cephis Buford resigned from his position with the Pliny Fire Brigade the next morning.

This stamp was issued in the denomination of 29 pu (Poca Units) in a block of 12 stamps.

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