"The Three Twins"
Children of Hattie and Howie McNeely

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The Poca Post is pleased to issue a stamp honoring the Three Twins of Bancroft-on-the-Poca.

Hattie Frazier of Bancroft-on-the-Poca was the wife of Howie Frazier. They lived in a small cabin just above Luther Greene Creek where they kept a few pigs, some chickens, and a small truck farm. Hattie McNeely Frazier came from strong stock. Her mother had given birth to 11 children, and her grandmother Mabel McNeely had produced 15 children. Hattie, at the age of 26, had already delivered two children into the world, and in the early fall of 1916 she was about to increase the size of the Frazier household again.

On the evening of September 29th, 1916 the midwife was called to the Frazier household. By dawn, Hattie had delivered two little girls. The twin girls brought great excitement to the family and friends. By 8:00 that morning many of the neighbors had come to the house to see the twin girls, the first that had been born in almost a decade in the area. This meant that breakfast had to be made for the visitors, so Hattie got up and dressed to cut some wood for the stove. As Hattie was swinging the axe she delivered a third daughter right in the wood pile.

The newborn was quickly carried into the house to be swaddled with her sisters. That afternoon Hattie and Howie choose the names: Rona, Mona, and Jona. But the fact that the townsfolk had first seen twins had so impressed itself on their minds, they always after referred to the girls as the three twins.

The stamp was issued on September 30, 2002 in a pane of 16 stamps with the denomination of 17 poca units.


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