Basil Bowes
Inventor of the Horsecycle

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The Poca Post announces an issue devoted to Mr. Basil Bowes, the inventor of the Horsecycle.

Basil Bowes was born in Buffalo-on-the-Poca in 1860.  He followed in his father's trade as a blacksmith.  Most of his father's work dealt in horseshoeing and the repair of carriages.  Basil developed a great skill in the trade.  In the spring of 1894 Basil developed the idea of combining a bicycle with a horse, thus creating the first horsecycle.

Basil had heard many folks complain about the rigors of riding horseback.  The motion a horse trotting was difficult for many to endure for very long.  Bowes had noted that the recently popular bicycle did not jolt the rider as did a horse.  This led him to develop a cycle that was attached to a horse.  

In this manner, the rider could enjoy the gentler ride of the cycle, and at the same time benefit from the horse's strength and speed.  Bowes fabricated what he called the Bowes Horsecycle by the end of May, and for the next 2 weeks he was seen riding the Horsecycle up and down the Poca River.  About mid-June he was approached by two businessmen that offered him a goodly sum for the patent on the Horsecycle, and Bowes accepted.

This was the last that was seen of the contraption since the buyers represented the largest saddle maker in the area.  Seeing a threat to their business, they purchased the Horsecycle and promptly shelved it, little knowing that the horseless carriage would bring an end to their business in a few short years anyway.

The stamp was issued on 22 December, 2002 in a plate of 16 stamps on a 8.5" x 11" plate in the denomination of 9 poca units.


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