Stamps Celebrating People and
Events On the Poca River


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Benny Lee
(created in memory of Dad by J.Knopow)




The sad tale of Hiram

Collector of Abandoned

Abner Singleday:
Inventor of Baseball

Randell Neely

Barbershop singing

Maude Barton
Fishdays celebration

Stanley Beemer
inventor of the steam auto

Meryl Hogg
Tour de Poca

Ewing E. Ewing

Basil Bowes
inventor of the horsecycle

Curly Cadle

Mayor Casto
Fishdays celebration

The circus



Creesy Greens

The Poca Crow

D.Darryl Dagget

A Darwin Award

Keeping teeth clean

Old time dentistry 

Amazing weight loss


The real McCoy

The Gad Dam

Ambassador Galagher

Hair dress for the dead

Another Darwin Award

The Hintonbird Disaster

Gunslinger Hollister 

Flying June bugs

A Chili patch on the Poca

Lefty: the Hunter

Mr. Mapes invention

Denim Mather

Civil War Hero

McCoy-Hatfield Feud 



A scary mushroom

The Buddy Petit Jazz Band

The Poca Pigeon 

The Pliny Fire

Mr. Plumbly

The Poca Polecat

The Poca Polka

Pony Express

Inventor of the portable toilet

Mr. Pretzel

The Poca Puck

The Great Pumkin Race

Poca Ramps

Roadkill cookbook

The man who drew lines around Poca County

The Siamese Twins 

The inventor of the Silo

Snake Handling 

Ms. Skeeter: Librarian

A moonshine still

F. Stoppe: photographer

Fish Days Celebration

Foley's Folly

The light at the of the tunnel

The three twins

Personal ventilator

Post Card Pallor 

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